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Best Crown & Dental Bridge Doctors in Coimbatore

best dental clinic coimbatoreCrown and Bridge

Dental Bridges And Tooth Crown Treatment in Coimbatore

Dental crown and bridge treatment is a long-term method for replacing missing teeth. Crowns are placed on individual teeth without sufficient tooth structure for filling, while bridges span lost teeth in the dental arch. Materials like gold, semi-precious metals, porcelain, or a combination are used for treatment.

 A Dentist examining a tooth with a magnifying glass, focusing on Dental crown and bridge treatment

Dr. Rajkumar's Dentistry is a leading dental clinic in Coimbatore , specializing in dental care for crowns and bridges. We use a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner for all dental procedures and have skilled experts who provide the best dental crown treatment in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore. Our dental clinic offers patients comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and friendly service. We understand the importance of dental care and strive to provide the care and treatment patients deserve. Contact Dr. Rajkumar's Dentistry today if you're looking for affordable bridge or dental crown infection treatment in India.

Types of Dental Crown Fixing Services in Coimbatore

When choosing a crown material, your dentist will consider factors such as the location and position of gum tissue, the functionality of the tooth requiring a crown, and the colour of the surrounding teeth.

    Temporary Dental Crown
  • A temporary crown stays on the tooth for a short period; a permanent crown is placed at the next appointment.
  • Complete coverage of dental crowns and bridges
  • Full coverage Dental crowns and bridges are designed to cover all tooth walls, fortify root canal-treated teeth, add to the lost tooth structure, and replace missing teeth.
  • Porcelain Laminate Dental Veneers
  • Ceramic veneers offer a conservative solution for discoloration or minor tooth misalignment and are popular among models and actors. Costs range from Rs 5k to Rs 10k, requiring regular care.
  • Resin-bonded bridges for front teeth
  • Resin-bonded bridges are a cost-effective, conservative dental treatment for the front teeth. Contact Rajkumar's Dentistry Dental Clinic for replacing missing lower front teeth.
  • One-Day Crown
  • Crown and bridge Can be fixed in a day using CAD/CAM. Crowns cover part of the tooth and are recommended for those who do not need a full crown.
best dental clinic coimbatoreWhy Choose Us?

Why choose Rajkumar’s dentistry in Coimbatore?

Advanced Equipment

Our dental clinic uses advanced, reliable equipment for effective treatments, enhancing precision and patient comfort, and investing in top-notch technology to provide the highest standard of care.

Affordable Dental treatments

Our clinic provides affordable, high-quality dental treatments, promoting access to essential services and regular check-ups, ensuring overall well-being without financial stress.

Experienced Dentists

Our clinic has experienced dentists providing skilled oral care, years of experience, and confidence in handling various dental issues, ensuring comprehensive and personalized solutions for patients.

best dental clinic coimbatoreFrequently Asked Questions?

FAQ's About Dental Crowns And Bridges Treatment

Dental crowns and bridges are permanently cemented onto teeth, allowing normal chewing, brushing, and flossing. Brushing a bridge should be likened to a tooth, while flossing should be done using a floss threader. These dental structures can last a lifetime but can become loose or dislodge. To maintain dental crowns or bridges, brush and floss daily, visit the dentist regularly, and avoid hard foods. Consult our dental experts in Coimbatore for clarification on treatment options.

A dental crown is necessary for individuals with a large or deep cavity that cannot accommodate a filling. It may be necessary for weak teeth, broken teeth, severely damaged teeth, those requiring an outsized filling, holding a dental bridge, or severely discoloured teeth.

Crowns are also recommended after root canals, as they protect exposed teeth. A crown may be necessary if a missing tooth is present and a dental bridge or tooth implant is needed.

Dental crowns typically last 5 to 15 years, depending on wear and tear, oral hygiene, and personal mouth-related habits. They are a long-lasting treatment, and choosing the suitable material and doctor is crucial for maintaining longevity. Rajkumar Dentistry offers a one-stop solution for long-lasting smiles, with a team of experts dedicated to providing a seamless, comfortable, and pain-free treatment.

Crowns fortify injured teeth, enhance their beauty, and correct alignment. They can even look like a natural tooth when placed over a dental implant. The cost of dental crowns and bridges depends on the specialist's expertise, material used, condition, and location of the tooth, as well as the number of teeth replaced. Customized and additional treatments, like root canals, can also increase costs. Please book your appointment with us; we will help you find the best solutions.

Absolutely No. Crown bridges are not painful; discomfort and sensitivity may occur post-dental bridge treatment.

Dental crowns and bridges are essential dental treatments that can save teeth, improve smiles, and anchor restorations. Crowns address visual bite alignment, small gaps, misshapen or discoloured teeth, and minor flaws, while bridges are typically used for missing one or two teeth.

Dental crowns, or bridges, are necessary for teeth that cannot function properly due to enamel issues. Enamel, the hardest substance in the human body, is susceptible to cracking, acid erosion, and decay from large cavities. Patients with nighttime grinding or root canal treatment may also benefit from a crown to protect their teeth from further damage. Crowns are recommended for patients who struggle with nighttime grinding or have undergone root canal treatment.

Dental crowns or bridges are a significant investment for oral health, typically lasting five to fifteen years. The lifespan depends on the crown material and patient care. To maintain a long crown's lifespan, maintain good oral hygiene, and regularly visit a dentist for professional cleanings, check-ups, and topical fluoride treatments.

Consistent professional dental care is also crucial for promoting the longevity of any dental work. Additionally, heavy forces can break the crown, and a protective mouthguard may be prescribed if teeth are clenched or grinding during sleep.

Treatment options for bridges include cantilever bridges, fixed bridges, and adhesive bridges. During an initial consultation, your dentist will determine the appropriate bridge for your condition. After analyzing your condition, they will provide details about the type of bridge used for restoration during the restoration process.