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Frequently Asked Questions on Your Oral Dental Health

best dental clinic in coimbatoreFrequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Dental Treatment Services

The widespread embrace of implants is predominantly driven by the increasing lifespan of individuals and their aspiration to lead a fulfilling lifestyle filled with maximum enjoyment. Implants empower us to reinstate a fundamental aspect of our bodies. A desire for more frequent smiles and enhanced confidence in conversations and laughter is universal. Dental implants provide the means to engage in all desired activities with complete self-assurance.

Teeth whitening is a good choice for most people, but it may not suit everyone. A good candidate for teeth whitening in Coimbatore should have healthy teeth and gums, no cavities or gum disease, and no stained or discoloured teeth. Consultation with Rajkumar's Dentistry Dental Care is essential to determining the best course of action.

Root canal therapy prevents dental caries and periodontal disease in patients on bisphosphonates who may develop osteonecrosis of the jaws. To minimize dental and periodontal disease, patients should receive comprehensive preventive care, including proper practitioner and patient education and collaboration between medical and dental societies.

Root canal specialists in Race Course, Coimbatore, examine root canal techniques and procedures in depth to diagnose and treat more complex cases.

Braces can be worn as early as 10–12, and adults aged 40–45 can begin treatment if they meet the required criteria. Early treatment allows for faster incorporation of desired changes and a wider range of treatment appliances. In adults, treatment is limited to teeth movement and slowness but can yield good results.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an inflammation of the gum line that can cause damage to teeth's connective tissue and bone, leading to tooth loss, It is typically caused by plaque buildup along and under the gum line.

Laser dental therapy offers a quick and significantly shorter treatment time. In just one day, most people can resume their everyday routines and work at their jobs. You could forget gum surgery in a few weeks since your gums will be so healthy.

Taking good care of your teeth early on and getting regular check-ups can keep your mouth healthy as you age. It means you'll have fewer problems with your teeth and gums, making you feel better physically and emotionally. So, by looking after your teeth, you can live a longer, happier life without the pain and worry of dental issues.

Tooth decay worsens over time, leading to toothaches, pain, and eventual tooth loss. If left untreated, the decay may reach the nerve, causing extreme tooth sensitivity and pain. A dental abscess may form, causing the tooth to fracture and potentially necessitating extraction. Early dental filling treatment can restore the decaying tooth, with a dentist recommending the appropriate treatment. Book your appointment with Rajkumar's Dentistry for tooth filling treatment.

Dental onlays, usually made from solid stuff like porcelain, can stick around in your mouth for 10 to 30 years if you take good care of them. How long they last might depend on how well you clean your teeth, what you eat, and how you treat your teeth. Going to the dentist regularly helps them keep an eye on your onlays, and if they see any problems, they might suggest getting new ones. Book your appointment with the best dental clinic in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) is a special kind of dentistry that focuses on mouth, face, jaw, and neck surgeries. This includes things like taking out wisdom teeth, fixing how your jaw sits, and treating injuries to your face. OMFS is essential for problems like jaws that don't line up right, teeth stuck in the jaw, and issues with how your face looks. The surgeons who do this type of surgery are trained to do different surgeries to make your mouth healthy and your face look better. Contact Raj Kumar's Dentistry in Coimbatore for the best oral treatment.

The veneering process has different steps. First, you get a dental checkup and X-rays to see if veneers suit you. Then, the dentist gets your teeth ready by removing some enamel. They take a mould of your teeth, and a lab makes your custom veneer. When it comes back, the dentist checks the fit and colour. If everything is good, the veneer is glued to your tooth with a special cement and light.

A complete denture replaces missing teeth, while partial dentures prevent shifting. Dentures are typically made from acrylic resins and can be fabricated from various materials, including the latest flexible Valplast cosmetic dentures, which dentists may offer.

After a crown or bridge placement, you should not feel discomfort or sensitivity. Still, if your tooth hasn't had a root canal, you may experience temporary sensitivity to heat and cold. If you experience pain or sensitivity when biting down, contact a dentist. A thin, dark line next to the gumline may be visible, especially with a PFM crown. Crowns are protected from decay, except for the gum line, and a high-fluoride gel may be prescribed to protect against decay. Good oral hygiene is still essential.