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Top Dental Inlays And Onlays Treatments Services in Coimbatore

Dental inlays and onlays treatment is a custom-made solution for restoring damaged or decayed teeth, ensuring long-lasting restorations and a healthy, functional smile. Inlays and onlays are custom-made dental restorations, similar to fillings, but designed in a laboratory and cemented in place, unlike standard fillings applied directly. Tooth decay patients discover inlays and onlays as attractive alternatives to traditional fillings and crowns, restoring natural structural integrity to decayed teeth.

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Rajkumar's Dentistry is located near Sungam, Coimbatore, and specializes in inlay and outlay treatment. We aim to provide patients with optimal preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care, ensuring long-lasting, functional, comfortable, and functional dental care. Our dedicated colleagues are passionate about dentistry. Please schedule your appointment with us and make your smile shine.

What are dental inlays and onlays treatments?

Onlays and inlays are indirect fillings in dentistry, placed outside the mouth to fit the cavity's shape and size. They are used in premolars or molars when a tooth has sustained excess damage but not enough to necessitate a crown. The critical difference between them is the extent and portion of the tooth they cover.

    All That You Need to Know About Dental Inlays And Onlays

  • Dental inlays reduce tooth surface damage, particularly in decayed or damaged cusps. Our dentists use materials like gold, composite resins, and ceramics, which can be matched to the tooth's colour for optimal aesthetics. Onlays cover a larger area, covering the entire tooth, while inlays only cover the area between the cusps. Both types of inlays and onlays are essential for maintaining proper dental health.
  • Onlays Repairs Large Areas
  • Onlays, also known as partial crowns, repair large areas of teeth, extending to cusps across the tooth as requested. They can be made from ceramics, gold, or composite resins, providing excellent durability. Onlays are considered an alternative to crowns as they save more teeth than conventional crown placement procedures.
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Our dental clinic uses advanced, reliable equipment for effective treatments, enhancing precision and patient comfort, and investing in top-notch technology to provide the highest standard of care.

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Our clinic provides affordable, high-quality dental treatments, promoting access to essential services and regular check-ups, ensuring overall well-being without financial stress.

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Our clinic has experienced dentists providing skilled oral care, years of experience, and confidence in handling various dental issues, ensuring comprehensive and personalized solutions for patients.

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FAQ's About Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Treatments in Coimbatore

  • Inlays: Inlays restore small to medium-sized areas of a tooth damaged by decay or trauma. They fit into the prepared cavity within the tooth's surface.

  • Onlays: Onlays, on the other hand, are more extensive than inlays. It covers a significant portion of the tooth and extends over one or more cusps. Onlays are suitable for repairing more significant areas of damage, providing more coverage and support than inlays.

Dental onlays, usually made from solid stuff like porcelain, can stick around in your mouth for 10 to 30 years if you take good care of them. How long they last might depend on how well you clean your teeth, what you eat, and how you treat your teeth. Going to the dentist regularly helps them keep an eye on your onlays, and if they see any problems, they might suggest getting new ones. Book your appointment with the best dental clinic in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore.

Getting inlays or onlays happens in two steps. First, the dentist prepares and takes a mould of your damaged tooth. Then, an extraordinary lab makes a custom inlay or onlay that fits your tooth perfectly. At your next visit, the dentist attaches the custom piece to your tooth, making it strong and look natural. As the best dentist in Coimbatore, we care about your dental issues in a smooth manner.

Inlays and onlays offer significant benefits as dental restorations. These custom-made treatments conserve more natural tooth structure than traditional crowns, providing a durable solution that withstands biting and chewing forces. Their customized design ensures a seamless and natural appearance, restoring functionality and aesthetics.

You won't need much time to recover after getting inlays or onlays. After the dentist puts them in, you might feel sensitive or uncomfortable for a few days, but that's normal. You can go back to your regular activities right after the appointment.

Inlays and onlays are suitable for your teeth, but there are some things to consider. They can cost more than regular fillings, and your insurance might not pay for all of it. You'll need to visit the dentist twice for the whole process, which might be inconvenient.

Inlays and onlays are great for your teeth in many ways. They save more of your natural tooth, so there's less need to remove it. These restorations are made from solid materials like porcelain or resin, so they last a long time and can handle regular chewing. They're customized to match your natural teeth, making them look and feel natural.

Inlays and onlays are usually made from solid stuff like porcelain, special plastic (composite resin), or metals like gold or silver. Dentists pick these materials because they are tough, last long, and look like natural teeth. The dentist chooses which one to use based on where the tooth is and what the patient likes.

A study showed that the main reasons onlays might not work well are when the ceramic part breaks or when it comes off the tooth. Another issue is when there's a new cavity around the edges of the clay, which shows up as a change in colour.

Porcelain might break, and metal can wear down over time. If you need a root canal after getting the inlay, it could break, and you might have to get a new one.