Orthodontics / Braces

Orthodontist in Coimbatore

Preventive and interceptive orthodontics in pediatric dentistry will help the child from developing Malocclusion in teeth. Habit such as finger and thumb sucking, nail/lip biting, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting should be identified and stopped in time so as to prevent malocclusion. Habit breaking appliance either fixed or removable appliance can be used. Extraction of supernumerary teeth, space maintenance, serial extraction, space regaining, correction of crowding, correction of crossbite.  A pre-orthodontic trainer will help to prevent skeletal and dental malocclusion. Mostly orthodontist experts are available in Coimbatore City.

Corrective Orthodontics:

Corrective orthodontics is the use of fill orthodontic appliances in the permanent dentition to treat mal-occlusion in either adolescence or adults.

  • Metal Bracket
  • Ceramic Brackets
  • Lingual bracket

Clear Aligners:

It's also one among the exact Orthodontist treatment. Clear aligns are a series of custom-made plastic aligners created based on the digital models made from the impression of a scan from the teeth. These aligners are all based on the simulated tooth movement and providing a gradual series of correction in order to achieve the full alignment. These aligners are removable, on the other hand, the tooth movement will be achieved by full-time use of the aligners. They are comfortable and pain-free. It involves no wires and brackets, helping to avoid mouth irritation. This orthodontic treatment provides in Coimbatore.