Dental Implants

Dental implants in Coimbatore

Dental Implants are artificial roots which support and return prosthetic teeth. They are the most consistent and lasting way to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants have been used in Dentistry for decades with great results in Coimbatore.

One Stage Dental Implants

This method is highly successful if used on the right type of case. This method depends on finding ideal conditions after thorough diagnostics. One stage dental implants tends to be more successful for front teeth. Additionally they are great for totally edentulous jaws, which can take 4 to 6 implants and can be restored immediately. A strong junction between the titanium dental implant and the bone structure resulting in a longer lasting restoration.

The Two Stage Implants 

The two stage implants are usually are completed in 4 to 6 months time period. Placing implants in the mouth is easier than extractions (removal of tooth). It hardly takes 2 minutes to fix an implant. Post surgery discomfort is very minimal which can be managed with pain medication. With the help of CBCT scan, we can accurately diagnose the quantity of bone prior to implant surgery. CBCT also serves as a patient education tool.

Piezo Surgical Unit

Piezo surgery is a process that utilizes controlled 3D Ultrasonic micro-vibration to cut bone tissues. Its unique design and cutting action provides ultimate surgical precision and high intro-operative visibility, while the selective cutting action allows us to cut mineralized tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft tissue. We also use the unit to ridge splitting, bone graft harvesting and sinus surgery. It has become an indispensable tool for atraumatic surgery.

Use of Growth Factors

Previously some patients were told that they were not a candidate for implant due to inadequate bone. Primarily, limiting factor in dental implant placements is bone quantity. Procedure like guided bone regeneration, block grafting and combination of procedure enhance bone regeneration in bone procedure. The use of growth factors including patient's own platelets (PRP, PRF and PRGF).

Inus Augmentation

In Rajkumar's Dentistry, there are surgeries that can be undertaken such as sinus augmentation which is focused on raising the sinus flour white also building up bone in preparation of dental implants in Coimbatore.

Ridge Modification

There could be situation where irregularities either in upper or lower jaw can leave you with insufficient bone for the purpose of dental implants. Where less bone is detected, we in Rajkumar's Dentistry will in the shortcoming with either real bone or bone substitute in aid.

Dental implants in Coimbatore   Dental implants in Coimbatore