Why wisdom Teeth is not always wise:

Why wisdom Teeth is not always wise:

It is always wise to get rid of the wisdom teeth;


Wisdom teeth are something most people have to deal with at some point of life. 80% of the population search online right now for information to recognise the problem with their wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come into the mouth which create problems when there is not enough space for it to emerge or erupt normally inside the mouth.  This May lead to varied position and Impaction for being partially erupted.  You may not know that these are happening until it symptoms arises. This teeth may also be decayed.


There are different types of impacted wisdom teeth:



This is the most agonizing type of impaction than others. The molar teeth lies horizontally and its being pushed into the molar next to it.



Distal impaction is minimal basic of the four sorts of impactions. This type of the impaction appears at the back of the mouth. Impaction will Depends upon the level of the angular position of the tooth.



This type of impaction is where the tooth lies vertically and it may slightly or almost touching the tooth next to it. This sort of impaction rarely requires surgery and chance of getting normal eruption is high.



This is most common impaction where the tooth is angled in front of the mouth.



The impacted wisdom tooth can sometimes trap food, plaque & other debris in the soft tissue around it, which leading to


  1. PERICORONITIS (Swelling Gums)
  2. Gum Tenderness
  3. Cavities
  4. Bad Breath

Dentists often suggest removing the impacted wisdom teeth because they may cause damage to the adjacent teeth (2nd molars) or cause infection around them. Better to loose the wisdom teeth as it has no vital function but not the essential grinding 2nd molars.


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE: Thus this blog helps identifying problems and helps sort it out before it’s too late.